• (Invited talk) Robust Compressed Sensing MRI with Deep Generative Priors
    Berkeley MR-ML Meetings, Hosted by Prof. Miki Lustig and Prof. Stella Yu
    Berkeley, USA, September 2021

  • Instance-Optimal Compressed Sensing via Posterior Sampling
    ECE Graduate Seminar, Tufts University
    Boston, USA, September 2021

  • (Invited talk) Instance-Optimal Compressed Sensing via Posterior Sampling
    Symposium on Generative Regularization Approaches for Inverse Problems
    Conference on System Modelling and Optimization, IFIP TC7
    Quito, Ecuador, September 2021

  • (Oral presentation) Compressed sensing with approximate priors via conditional resampling
    Link to video
    Workshop on Deep Learning and Inverse Problems
    Vancouver, Canada, December 2020

  • (Invited talk) Compressed sensing using generative models
    Indian Institute of Technology Madras
    Chennai, India, January 2020

  • (Invited talk) Deep compressed sensing
    Asilomar Conference on Singals, Systems, and Computers
    California, USA, November 2019

  • Compressed sensing recovery of medical images using deep image prior
    Medical Imaging Meets NeurIPS Workshop
    NeurIPS, Montreal, Canada, December 2018